Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blog Hop!

My friend, Audrey, at 3am cloth diapers, no pins needed... suggested that I become part of her blog hop. You should join us!

Welcome to A Sunday Stroll- Blog Hop from Me- The 3am Cloth Diaper Mama!

What to do?

1. Enter your blog in to the linky and follow my blog (Its #1) and the spotlighted blog (Its #2)

2. Grab the button for the blog hop below

3. Add it to your blog on a post along with the linky!

*Need help with the linky part? Okay! All you need to do is find the place where it says What is a Blog Hop? and under that it says Get the Code here... Click where it says Get the Code Here! Than Copy and past the code in to a blog post (Make sure you paste it in to the HTML Blog post!!) Still need help? Feel free to email me at!*
4. Follow as many blog(s) you want
(Be sure to leave a comment at the blog(s) you follow so they can follow back!)

5. Have FUN!!!!

One Blog will be spot lighted at random each week, if your blog is picked I will add your blog in to the linky!
This Weeks Spotlight Blog is Mommyx3Monsters!!! Yay! Make sure you follow her blog this week!!!

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