Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fall Harvest Special + Discount!!

Who all loves the lovely scent of autumn? I know I do! Since fall is approaching quicker than we realize, I thought I'd do a special pre-order for some lovely fall themed woolies.

Click Here! to place your order.


Fall Harvest Pre-Order PAIR Special
This beautiful blend of fall colors resembling pumpkins and candy corn filled with a magnificent scent of pumpkin pie spice is available for pre-order. This is a special priced promotion from July 29 - August 15.

This will be offered again, but at FULL PRICE. Order early for a discount!

Place your order now for quicker return. Woolies are made on a custom order by order basis, so please allow up to 3 weeks for shipment (although, turn around is usually a LOT faster).

Scent description: The aroma of sweet cream pumpkin, complimented with nuances of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger; rounded out with buttery vanilla notes.

Price: Was $22.00 Sale! $18.00

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blog Hop!

My friend, Audrey, at 3am cloth diapers, no pins needed... suggested that I become part of her blog hop. You should join us!

Welcome to A Sunday Stroll- Blog Hop from Me- The 3am Cloth Diaper Mama!

What to do?

1. Enter your blog in to the linky and follow my blog (Its #1) and the spotlighted blog (Its #2)

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5. Have FUN!!!!

One Blog will be spot lighted at random each week, if your blog is picked I will add your blog in to the linky!
This Weeks Spotlight Blog is Mommyx3Monsters!!! Yay! Make sure you follow her blog this week!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A new product + Coupon code ends tomorrow @ midnight!!!

I've added some more pages to our website - - and have also listed some awesome paracord (550 cord) accessories that my husband's been making. Let me tell you, I've had a lot of compliments on the ones I wear. If you want something similar, but with a natural product, he's going to be playing with hemp and glass beads soon. Keep your eyes peeled! To see these products, visit and click on "550 Fashions" on the left side of the page. You'll see some examples. I'll be posting better pictures soon.

This first week we've had 7 orders so far and the week isn't over... not bad for our launch week! I'm going to give order #12 two free woolies!!!

The discount code GRANDOPENING is good until tomorrow at midnight. Make sure to get your orders in ASAP!

Keep Bouncing,
Owner, Bouncing Woolies

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grand Opening! Our story.

Welcome to our blog! Since blogs are more personal, I thought I'd give you the story of the birth of our little company...

I never considered myself "green" or "crunchy" until about seven months ago. I did all of the usual things before that. I used disposable everything, chemicals, convenience. I just grew up that way and didn't really know much else. I have to give credit to a dear friend, Ceri and a co-worker, Jessica. They showed me everything about cloth diapers. They were patient and helpful! Granted, beforehand, I never thought I'd be the CD kind of gal. I mean..... ewww! Low budget and loss of income forced me to change my way of thinking. I mean, I could try it, right?! Generously, Jessica let me borrow her entire stash of size small cloth diapers to try out on my two month old son. After the first day, I was HOOKED. Wow, how easy! How awesome! I ended up purchasing some prefolds, covers and a stash of pocket diapers off of Craigslist that next week and returned the borrowed diapers to her. After venturing into the cloth world, and various social media networks (facebook, twitter), I started to learn more things about the crunchy lifestyle and began practicing more natural parenting ideas with my three year old daughter and infant son. Let's just say, it's brought about a whole new me and an entire different and better way of thinking! I am definitely passionate and almost a green missionary of sorts.

Now, where does Bouncing Woolies come into play? Since the downfall of the economy, our income dropped and we were just never able to get back on top. I stay at home during the day with my kiddos and I work evenings and Saturdays teaching college courses. My hubby works days at a civilian job and also serves in the National Guard. You'd think we'd make scads of money, right? Wrong. We struggle just like everyone else. So, I got to thinking... I'm crafty and graphics savvy. I can create a small buisiness that's green and saves money! I was already making woolies to use at our house, why not make them for consumer purchase so others can save money too! I can help save the environment and people's pocketbook one woolie at a time. Once the idea came to mind, it all just fell into place and here we are. I hope one day this little business contributes enough sales to where I can stay at home full-time with my little ones.

I hope you like our woolies as much as we do! You can visit our facebook site for contests and giveaways and soon we'll be up and running on twitter. I also announce various coupon codes via facebook. It's a great place to reach me. There is a button on the top right of the blog for you to click on and find us.

Current promotions at
Use code GRANDOPEN for 10% off your first purchase. Also, orders received between today and July 16th will be eligible to receive a mystery woolie in your shipment. I will pick a few random orders for these surprises!

Please feel free to introduce yourself. I'd love to get to know everyone!

Owner, Bouncing Woolies